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内容摘要:六年级下册英语第六单元知识点一、单词:  plan计划;打算,picnic野餐,play(戏剧的)演出,give举行take part ( in )参加(……);参与(……)Beijing opera京剧,show演出;(广播或电视)节目,concert音乐会,outing短途旅...


  plan计划;打算,picnic野餐,play(戏剧的)演出,give举行take part ( in )参加(……);参与(……)Beijing opera京剧,show演出;(广播或电视)节目,concert音乐会,outing短途旅游;远足,contest竞赛;比赛,sports meeting运动会

  still仍然, theatre戏院;剧场zebra 斑马,Africa非洲


  1. have school上课;有课 ★have a picnic野餐

  2. I’d love to…我很愿意…… go on an outing去远足

  3. by the way顺便地;附带说说 see a play看戏剧演出

  4. of course当然 see a Beijing opera show看京剧演出

  5. on Saturday morning在周六上午 give a puppet show举行木偶演出

  6. warm and sunny温暖晴朗 give a concert举行音乐会

  7. call … 打电话给… take part in the sports meeting参加运动会

  8. talk about their plans for the weekend take part in the singing contest

  谈论他们的周末计划 参加歌唱比赛★

  9. still in bed还在床上 10.join us参加我们

  11.with us和我们在一起 12.last year去年

  13.meet at one thirty in front of the Garden Theatre 一点半在花园剧院门前会面

  14.Music Club 音乐俱乐部 15.in the school在学校

  16.come with Wang Bing 和Wang Bing一起来 17.at the concert在音乐会上

  18.buy some presents买一些礼物 19.have a class outing举行班级远足

  20.your class project 你的班级课题

  21.meet at the bus stop at 10:30 10:30在公交车站会面

  22.a new zebra from Afica 来自非洲的新斑马


  1.----What are we/you going to do …? ----We’re/I’m going to …(动词原形)

  ----What is he/she/Liu Tao going to do …? ----He/She is going to …

  ----What are Liu Tao and Tom going to do …? ----They are going to …

  2.(打电话)----Hello,is that …? ----Yes,(this is …)speaking./No.

  1.It is 8:30 on Saturday morning.

  2.The children do not have school today.

  3.They are talking about their plans for the weekend.

  4.----Would you like to join us? ----Yes,I’d love to./Sorry,I can’t.I’m busy.

  (----Would you like to come? ----Of course.)

  5.----Shall we meet at one thirty in front of the Garden Theatre? ----Yes./No.

  6.----What time are you doing to come home? ----At 4:30,I think.

  7.---What are you going to do at 10:15 tomorrow morning? ----I’m going to …

  语音:/ / bowl snow window yellow row low slow show

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